Molly Jardiniano: Silly, Sweet & Sarcastic

The Prevention Center is a special place to so many families. It’s a safe base, a refuge for support and learning. It’s also special for the folks that work here; we have some real gems. Molly is, and has always been, one of those gems. Molly is not only our go-to resource for parenting education, she’s also a trusted source of support and friendship to us staff members throughout each week.The clients rave about her parenting groups, and much of the Prevention Center’s success with parents has to do with Molly’s engaging and supportive style. I’ve learned so much working with Molly over the years, and I feel blessed to call her a colleague.

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The Time Machine

Time MachineThe Children’s Playroom, here at the Prevention Center, houses many different toys for our young guests. From ticklish Elmo’s, to trains sets, to a mini air-hockey table. However, one of our all-time favorites has always been one that comes and goes from the menagerie: the cardboard box. Whenever we get our hands on a nice, big cardboard box, we can’t resist making use of it.

Last week we got hold of an extra large cardboard box, about the size of a small closet. We decided it was the perfect size for a time machine.

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Grant a Wish.

What is the Children’s Playroom?

The Children’s Playroom here at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center provides therapeutic play and support groups for kids as well as childcare to parents accessing services on site. We work to ensure that each child visiting the Playroom has an experience that is most supportive of their social and emotional growth. Indeed, that is our focus here in the Playroom, to help children learn and practice their social and emotional skills that will help them be successful in other areas of their lives.  The Playroom supports 440+ kids for a total of 3,600+ visits a year.

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