Lauren Dunford: inquisitive, driven & passionate

Lauren DunfordThe Prevention Center runs on staff, volunteers, passion, and a lot of pastries. Everything from our 24/7 crisis hotline, the TALKLine, to our Tuesday night dinners, to our community events, are staffed by dedicated volunteers. They are phenomenal, and so is their leader, Lauren Dunford. Lauren recruits, manages, and trains our volunteers (amongst a host of other things) and she makes it look easy. I am proud to introduce you to my comrade in name, (the other) Lauren.

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Michael Geier: man with the mustache

In the heart of an often over-looked (or unfortunately stereotyped) neighborhood, a school — a community — thrives. Tenderloin Community School (TCS) is at the forefront of education thanks to the teachers, social workers, and caretakers who fiercely care not just for the students but for their entire family. It’s school’s like TCS and social workers like Michael doing their part to keep kids safe, that will ultimately help us end child abuse in San Francisco. Here’s Michael.

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Richard Pio Roda: thoughtful, successful & solid

Richard Pio RodaRichard has long been a fan and supporter of the Prevention Center. He makes my job easy. But what I love most about Richard is watching him take the stage at our Annual Blue Ribbon Luncheon. He’s one impressive auctioneer. In fact, he’s a man of many talents. I am happy to introduce you to Richard Pio Roda.

Q: Tell me about your life.
A: I was born and raised in Southern California and the Napa Valley. I received my B.S. in Accounting and International Economics from the University of San Francisco, and my J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law. My first real job was as a Deputy General Counsel for the San Francisco Unified School District, where I met Katie Albright, our amazing Executive Director.  I am currently a partner at the law firm of Meyers Nave Riback Silver & Wilson, in Oakland. I specialize in Public Law, Public Contracting, Construction, and Education Law. I live in San Francisco, where I am proud to serve as a Commissioner on the City and County of San Francisco Human Rights Commission. I am also a professional auctioneer.

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Paige Rausser: Caring, Loud & Opinionated

Page RausserI’m thrilled to have you meet Paige, a dear friend who I introduced to the Prevention Center years ago at Blue Ribbon Luncheon. Paige was deeply moved by the mission of the organization and shortly after began volunteering in our Therapeutic Children’s Playroom. I’m so grateful for her friendship and her support of the Prevention Center — the kids love her too!

Q: Tell me about your life.
A: I’m a mom of two girls (ages 16 and 12) and I love being their parent.  My husband and I chose to raise our children in San Francisco so they could be exposed to the city’s diversity. I’ve worked in land conservation for the past 18 years. I sometimes wonder if I chose my career over again that I might become a social worker. 

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Remembering Wilkes

Wilkes @ the 2012 Blue Ribbon Luncheon
Wilkes @ the 2012 Blue Ribbon Luncheon

San Francisco fashion icon Wilkes Bashford supported the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center from our very beginning — from lending advice to hosting a fashion show benefit and in-store shopping events, to providing gift certificates for auctions. He was a kind, humble, and generous man.
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Jen Brokaw: Forthright, Kind, Passionate (& Funny!)

Jen BrokawSince I first told Jen about the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center she’s been a staunch advocate for our work and for child safety. Jen recently joined our Board of Directors so I wanted to ask her a few question so we can all get to know her a bit better. Here’s what she had to say.

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Meet Vivian.

Vivian packed her belongings and two kids into the car and she left. She was done with him pushing her around. She’d had enough of the yelling, the threats, the slaps, and worse. Mostly, she was done telling her 8-year-old daughter Emma and 7-year-old son Ethan that everything was fine.

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Lois Pavlow: Trailblazer. Advocate.

Lois PavlowLois Pavlov is San Francisco’s child abuse prevention pioneer.

As a long-time community leader and children’s advocate, Lois worked tirelessly to create a better, stronger child abuse prevention program in our city.

Lois believed that by bringing the disparate prevention and family service organizations together, under one roof, the children of the San Francisco would be safer. To this end, Lois spearheaded a collaboration between Kathy Baxter of the Child Abuse Council and Patsy Jones of the TALK Line Family Support Center to join forces and resources. Lois went on to found the Child Abuse Prevention Society which raised funds to support this effort and purchase a building to house this work and this mission.

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