Help Prevent Child Abuse

Child Abuse Prevention Month is a call to action to protect our most vulnerable community members: children. New data shows that child abuse costs the Bay Area $2.2 Billion for one year of victims. The impact of child abuse extends beyond the financial burden; it changes the trajectory of a child’s life. Victims of child abuse are more likely to fall into the criminal justice system, poverty, teen pregnancy, joblessness — this hurts the victim and costs the entire Bay Area community. It’s time for every community member to come together to protect kids and cut the cost to our communities. During the month of April, join us, and do your part: raise awareness, help your neighbors, and prevent child abuse.

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3 Ways You Can Prevent Child Abuse

1. Reach Out

  • When you see a family that is struggling, reach out, and see how you can help.
  • If you need support, we’re here for you.
  • Call 415-441-KIDS anytime, day or night, for parenting support.

2. Be Aware

Know the signs of abuse.
Children who have experienced abuse might:

  • Fear or have anxiety about being with a particular person.
  • Engage in developmentally inappropriate sexual behaviors: Children who have been sexually abused may use explicit language or act out sexual scenarios with dolls, toys, or friends.
  • Lack hygiene or care: Abused children may lack adult supervision, appear not to have received help for physical or medical problems, or look uncared for or unkempt.
  • Learn all the signs of child abuse.

Teach the children in your life know how to stay safe.
Safety rules to share:

  • Say “NO!” Get away, and tell someone if anyone makes you feel strange or uncomfortable.
  • Everybody’s bathing suit areas are PRIVATE. Others should only touch these when necessary to keep you clean and healthy.
  • Don’t keep secrets, especially if they make you feel scared or uneasy. No adult should tell a child to keep a secret.
  • Learn more child safety lessons

3. Always Report Suspected Abuse

  • Don’t hesitate; if you have a suspicion, report it.
  • Call the City of San Francisco’s Family + Children’s Services Hotline 415-558-2650.

Spread the Word

Sample Messages

Sample Tweets:

  • I/we protect SF kids by _____________. You can too: #CostOfAbuse @sfcapc
    Child abuse costs the #SF community billions each year. It’s time to protect kids + cut the #CostOfAbuse Learn how:
  • When we keep kids safe we safeguard futures & ensure a healthier society. Find out how to do your part: #CostOfAbuse
  • The #CostOfAbuse is too high; just here in #SF it’s in the billions. It’s time to cut the #CostOfAbuse
  • The #CostOfAbuse is too high. Child abuse destroys futures + degrades our society. It’s on us to protect kids:

Sample Facebook Posts:

  • Every child deserves a safe + healthy childhood. Let’s all do our part to keep San Francisco’s kids safe. Here are some tips to learn how to protect children:
  • The cost of child abuse is too high. It destroys futures + degrades our society. It’s on us to protect kids. Do your part:
  • Child abuse costs the San Francisco community billions each year. It’s time we protect kids + cut the cost of abuse Learn how:

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Child Abuse Awareness Month

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April 4 @ 11:00 a.m.  | Child Abuse Prevention Month Kick-off, City Hall
May 12 @ 12:00 p.m. | Blue Ribbon Luncheon, Fairmont Hotel


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