Being a parent can be rewarding, inspiring, and full of joy. It can also be overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. Parents and caregivers, who have support from their family, friends, neighbors, and communities, are more likely to provide safe and healthy homes for their children. Help prevent child abuse by doing simple things to support children and their parents or caretakers:

  • Get to know your neighbors. People feel less stressed when they know there is support nearby.
  • Offer to baby sit for a family member, friend, or neighbor. All parents need help sometimes, even if it is just for a few hours.
  • Be a friend to a parent you know, especially those that seem to be under a lot of pressure. Show you understand and are willing to listen.
  • Reach out to children in your community. Show you care by remembering their names, smiling at them, and asking about their interests.
  • Get involved in your neighborhood. Arrange a potluck or another event or help keep your neighborhood safe.
  • Be an active community member. Volunteer your time with or provide resources to local community organizations that work with children and families.

For more information about child abuse and its prevention, see San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center; Child Welfare Information Gateway; and Prevent Child Abuse America.