General Information:

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We’re looking for a few partners to join us in capitalizing on this opportunity to engage the San Francisco community around the issue of child abuse prevention. We would like to get out the word far and wide, and support our community members in protecting our children. Please consider partnering with us for Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Announcement for April:

In January, the Prevention Center released a report, The Economics of Child Abuse: A Study of San Francisco. This April, the Prevention Center is prepared to release the data on the cost of child abuse to the entire Bay Area. The 10 individual counties which make up the Greater Bay Area Child Abuse Council will release the cost to their individual communities and we will release the sum total of them. We are hoping to tether this astronomical cost figure with prevention messaging. See suggested language below.

Message to Community:

Child abuse costs the Bay Area xx. The impact of child abuse extends beyond the financial burden, it changes the trajectory of a child’s life. Victims of child abuse are more likely to fall into the criminal justice system, poverty, teen pregnancy, joblessness — this hurts the victim and costs the entire Bay Area community. It’s on us to protect kids and cut the cost to our communities.

Need: create tangible action items for public.

Partnership Request:

  • Co-brand Child Abuse Prevention Month, lending organization’s name to related materials (April)
  • Attend April 4th rally at City Hall from 11:00am – 12:00pm (stickers provided at event)
  • Publicize April 4th rally at City Hall to colleagues + constituents (flyer provided)
  • Co-author press release for event (first draft by Prevention Center)
  • Share message with constituents throughout month (such as newsletter + flyers)
  • Publicize message through social networks throughout month (draft posts + images provided)
  • Publicize message on website throughout month (web button provided)
  • Other suggestions encouraged


The Prevention Center will provide draft social posts and assets to support partner efforts. An online toolkit will be created to disseminate these resources.