Paige Rausser: Caring, Loud & Opinionated

Page RausserI’m thrilled to have you meet Paige, a dear friend who I introduced to the Prevention Center years ago at Blue Ribbon Luncheon. Paige was deeply moved by the mission of the organization and shortly after began volunteering in our Therapeutic Children’s Playroom. I’m so grateful for her friendship and her support of the Prevention Center — the kids love her too!

Q: Tell me about your life.
A: I’m a mom of two girls (ages 16 and 12) and I love being their parent.  My husband and I chose to raise our children in San Francisco so they could be exposed to the city’s diversity. I’ve worked in land conservation for the past 18 years. I sometimes wonder if I chose my career over again that I might become a social worker. 

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Jen Brokaw: Forthright, Kind, Passionate (& Funny!)

Jen BrokawSince I first told Jen about the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center she’s been a staunch advocate for our work and for child safety. Jen recently joined our Board of Directors so I wanted to ask her a few question so we can all get to know her a bit better. Here’s what she had to say.

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