Andrea Rush: Inquisitive, Resourceful & Always-In-Motion

Andrea RushI met Andrea my first day at the Prevention Center and since, she’s always been a bit of a lifeline for me (really, for everyone) because she knows everything that’s going on. If you have a question, she has the answer. From the start I was impressed by how superb she is at her job. Then I got to know her a bit better. Andrea’s one of those people that each time you learn more about her you’re both surprised and impressed. First you find out she’s an exercise instructor on the side, then you learn she wields a law degree, then she school’s you on hot sauce — this southerner knows her hot sauces and is seldom without her favorite, Crystal. Allow me to introduce you to Andrea Rush.

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Hope is the word

On Thursday, 600+ people gathered together at the Fairmont Hotel to show their support for our one shared mission: to stop child abuse in our city. It was the 19th Annual Blue Ribbon Luncheon. I am proud that we raised essential funds to support the children and families we serve , but what really got me was the passion and excitement in the room. It was inspiring to see so many allies in one room dedicated to protecting children. It gives me hope that we can, in fact, end child abuse in this city. It gives me hope for the future of our community.

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